Clutter Control

Creative Director:  Jorge Ruiz-Martinez

Custom Cabinetry Designs
Clutter Control Enterprises is a Design firm that Designs and manages all aspects of manufacturing and installations internationally.
From inception our designs maintain a high level of  aesthetics and controlled quality.  We are a visionary firm with timeless designs that will realize your dreams.  Thank you for choosing Clutter Control Enterprises as your one stop shop for all of your custom cabinetry. 
From Custom Dressing rooms to Bathrooms, Kitchens, Media Rooms and well appointed living interiors - Our design firm can create avant garde visions that will give you a custom product for the discerning client.




A forward, visionary Design firm that will Design, manage manufacturing and installations internationally.  Your discerning taste will help realize our vision. 

 Imagine If!

We use different products and materials to achieve the Vision.  Depending on the client's budget and aesthetic appeal, we range from high end laminates to exotic woods and veneers.  Our raw products and materials are not limited to stock availability, in other words - we can also import exotic products to intergrate into our designs.  
Our creative director; Jorge Ruiz-Martinez  has over 30 years experience in high end furniture, design and manufacturing.  With this knowledge comes great pride to not only create the finest product but to continue his visionary forward thinking that can compete with the finest custom cabinetries internationally.  Our designs are unique, exemplary and exquisite, but most importantly they are TIMELESS!
Unique visions
  1. Beechwood Kitchen
    Beechwood Kitchen
  2. Wenge laminate wardrobe
    Wenge laminate wardrobe
  3. Natural Maple Custom dressing Room
    Natural Maple Custom dressing Room